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SHE Knows Health Welcome Update in Returning To Practice

October 2020

Hello everyone!

Please take the time to read this completely through and then go back and click all the links.

As some of you may already know SHE Knows Health is my new home based female focused practice. The following outlines what you will need to know in preparation of booking appointments.

The clinic is now open, with a number of policy changes. The following covers what you need to know in order to facilitate a smooth transition back to treatment.

Plan for Return to Clinical Practice – Safely and effectively

I have created an extensive plan to return safely and effectively. This is a living document that will change if/when our governing body or Provincial Health guidelines change. This has been created based on the current guidelines forwarded by the Registered Massage Therapists Association of BC, the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia, Insurers  and the Provincial Health Officer. All patients must read, understand and agree to the current protocols as outlined here, prior to every appointment.

You can find this information here:

BC’s Online Covid-19 Self-Assessment Tool

I am required to use this Self-Assessment tool every day and to notify you of the results at the time of your appointment. Within the 24-hour period prior to each of your appointments you must also complete this assessment tool and inform me of the results at the time of your appointment. You can find the BC’s Online Covid-19 Self-Assessment Tool here:

Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire

For each appointment you are required to complete a Screening Questionnaire. My booking software will email you this form automatically, just as it did your Initial Intake form.

You will find a details of what to expect upon your visit and a copy of consent form here:____________________

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Enhanced cleaning protocols include general cleaning according to the BC CDC guidelines as found here: 19_MOH_BCCDC_EnvironmentalCleaning.pdf

In addition I have created a checklist to use for enhanced cleaning procedure between each patient.

You can view this check-list here:

If you feel I have missed anything that you would like to appear on this checklist and be attended to before or after your appointments, please let me know.

SHE Knows Health

579 Lance Pl Nanaimo, BC

SHE Knows Health Update in Returning To Practice October 2020

Wait Outside the Clinic for Your Appointment

The entry/reception area is small and not able to social distance.

Please wait in your vehicle for me to complete sanitizing the space and to welcome you in for your appointment. Please leave promptly after the appointment so I can sanitize the space for my next client.

No Immunocompromised Patients

If you are immune deficient it is in your best interest to seek alternative care at this time.

New Patients

New patients are welcome by email request only There are a fair number of other polices and protocols to click onto. Please take your time to review all of them. It is necessary for your safety, and your family’s safety, my safety, my family’s safety and that of my other patients that you read, understand and agree to abide by all the new protocols.

I am looking forward to working with you all again!


Tara Tait RMT

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